Powered By Members

CutterShare is powered by its members. Our members are woodworkers from every part of North America, making just about every solid wood project you can imagine, and likely some really cool things nobody else has even thought of yet. That’s the best part of our community- it’s powered by creativity that matches the performance of our tools. But why do you have to become a member to share tools with us?

Membership is like a handshake between the new member and our community- By becoming a member, you promise to treat the tools with the respect and care you would give your own, and leave a tool in good working order for the next member to use and enjoy.


When you become a member, you're signing up for the most precisely engineered tools and the most knowledgeable, in-depth service you will find anywhere.

Because everyone using our tools is a member, you can have confidence when you receive tools that the cutters have been well-cared for by folks with the same passion for woodworking that you have. Requiring membership protects our users against abuse by people who are not interested in taking the time and care that craftsmanship deserves.

To make sure everyone who signs up is serious about this commitment, we collect an annual membership due. It’s payable when you check out your first share, so you won’t have to pay anything until you use our service for the first time. Once you become a member, you get access to

  • Access to the shared tool program where you can order tools for up to 3 months
  • The option to purchase shared tools when they become available through our Buy program
  • Prompt, knowledgeable, and comprehensive service from the CutterShare team
  • A voice in choosing the next tools added to the CutterShare library
Maximize your tool budget

$1.00 annually gets you access to our share tools, as well as eligibility to buy discounted cutters.

Build your skills

Get support and knowledge from our community on how to improve setups, maximize your time in the shop, and everything related to the shaper.

Take the spotlight

Participating members can get their work featured in The Hub, our knowledge-sharing member community. Get your work noticed and give your clients another way to find you!