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About CutterShare Tools

How can I be sure the tool will cut like a new one?

All our tools use NaDia diamond-treated insert knives. Unlike a brazed cutter, where sharpening involves changing the dimensions of the cutting edge by removing metal (changing the dimensions of the cut, and compromising the fit of the joint), one of our tools can last a lifetime with the same cut dimensions as it had on the day it was made. Any time an edge wears down, it's replaced with a fresh one. Changing knives is very uncommon with CutterShare tools- NaDia treatment extends the lifespan of each knife by 3 to 4 times as many lineal feet as standard carbide.

We check each tool with an optical comparator between shares to make sure the tool body and knives match the factory spec, so you can have complete confidence your tool is ready to perform out of the box. Just in case something happens, we pack each tool with a set of spares in case of wear or damage.


One of the knives on my cutter is worn or broken. What should I do?

Important: The insert knives in your share box are for emergency replacements only. When your share is over, your account will be billed for each knife which has had the packaging opened, so make sure to open only what you need.

If you have worn down an insert knife on a CutterShare tool, open the replacement knives that came in your share, and follow the tool drawings to change the knife. Once it’s replaced properly, you can resume working with the cutter.

If you have broken or chipped a knife, stop running the cutter immediately. Remove the broken knife from the tool body, and place the remainder into your metal recycling bin area. Carefully inspect the tool body and any other knives on the cutter for damage.

If the rest of the tool is undamaged, replace the knife following one of our video guides. Before using it again, make sure the tool is being run correctly. Check that the fence clearance, cutter RPM, material feed speed fit the specs on our website. Check the material you’re using as well- our cutters are designed to cut only solid wood, and not MDF or other wood byproducts.

If you find any damage to the tool at any point in your inspection, stop using the tool and contact us for support. Until we verify it’s safe to use, it’s very important you don’t run it.

What makes CutterShare tools better than my alternatives?

CutterShare tools were developed by Rangate to cut more precisely, last longer, and be more intuitive to set up and use than any other tool on the market.

The difference between our cutters and the other options on the market is engineering. What does that mean? It’s in the details. You can read more here.

  • Engineering is balance. When a cutter is properly balanced, you can feel the difference in the cut. When your workpiece meets the cutter, you’ll hear it in that steady pitch with no vibrations or wobbling. You can experience it when your joint fits perfectly right off the shaper table, with no touch-ups or sanding. You can see it in your bottom line, when you realize how much time and energy you saved getting it right the first time.
  • Engineering is design. We craft cutters with the little improvements that make a big difference. You can see it in the spur knives which we incorporate to cut clean, sharp corners; in the shearing angles on straight knives which create less fuzz and blowout; in the flexibility of our adjustable cutters which create powerful new options on the same tool body.
  • Engineering is innovation. Our cutters push the boundaries of what’s possible. We’re the first to provide nano-diamond treated knives on all our standard cutters, allowing our lives to last 3 to 4 times longer than standard carbide.

Wood cut with CutterShare tools will require almost no sanding or touch-ups. Seeing is believing- check out some of our videos to see what CutterShare's tools can do.

I have technical questions about my share. Help!

You can always contact us at by email, or call us at 844-WOOD-TOOL. If you are having trouble with anything related to using your cutter, our video guides are a good first option- you can find them on the individual page for the tool. For more in-depth or specific job questions, you can try The Hub, our community sharing area. Our members collectively have a wealth of experience on shaper operations- it’s a good place to find answers on your cutter-related questions.

Are different profile knife options available for your door set, cabinet set, and panel raiser?

Right now, only one profile is available per tool. We will monitor the needs of our members, and adjust our policy based on community feedback. Be sure to let us know what kind of profile options you need if it's important to you!

I'd like to share a cutter that you don't currently offer. Can I make a special request?

We're not able to accommodate special requests, but we listen carefully when our members ask us to offer something new. As we add new cutters to the library of tools we offer, member feedback will be our top priority in selecting new tools- if there’s something you wish you could get from us, let us know!

Something happened, and now my tool is damaged. What should I do?

Accidents happen- our first concern is your safety. If the tool body, screws, or gibs of a tool seem to have been damaged, stop using it immediately. Until we can verify it’s safe to use again, it’s very important you don’t run it. Pack up everything that came with your share, and send it back to us. Knowingly running a damaged cutter is a violation of the CutterShare Terms of Service.

Once you’ve packed it up, call us at 844-WOOD-TOOL and let us know what happened. We’ll work with you to determine what we should do next.


What happens when my membership expires?

When your membership expires, your next CutterShare order will include the membership dues for another year of membership- it will become active when you submit your order. If your membership is inactive, you’ll still be able to read and post on The Hub, our community sharing area, and review your order history in the My Account area.

Why do I have to become a member to use CutterShare?

Membership is like a handshake between the new member and the community- a promise to treat the tools with the respect and care they would give their own, and leave a tool in good working order for the next member to use and enjoy.

Because every who uses our tools is a member, you can have confidence when you receive tools that the cutters have been well-cared for by folks with the same passion for woodworking that you have. Requiring membership protects our users against abuse by people who are not interested in taking the time and care that craftsmanship deserves.

Click here to read more about why we require membership.

I live outside the United States/Canada. Can I become a member?

We're sorry, right now, we're only able to serve US and Canadian members.

I work in a shop where more than one person operates the shaper. Can other woodworkers use CutterShare tools I have shared?

Under our terms of service, only the CutterShare account holder is authorized to use the tools. If someone else uses your CutterShare tools and damages or loses any part of the share, the owner of the CutterShare account is still responsible. We ask you to honor the terms of the member agreement, and have only the account holder use CutterShare tools.

About Delivery & Return

Can I reserve a cutter in advance?

We’re sorry, but we can’t offer advance bookings yet.

Why can't I have 2 different share durations in the same order?

We want to make shipping cutters to you and receiving them back as simple as possible. To avoid potential confusion and complexity, we keep each item in the same share on the same timeline.

You're welcome to have two active shares of different durations- just create a second order if you need some tools for longer than others.

My box is missing something which should be inside. What should I do?

We carefully pack each box to include everything you will need to run your cutter, but if something seems to be missing, contact us by phone or email. We’ll work with you to resolve the issue.

I was billed for not returning something I feel I returned. What should I do now?

We take careful inventory of everything which comes back to us in our box. We don’t have a formal dispute process, but if you have concerns, please contact us explaining why you feel there has been an error.

In order to prevent confusion, keep all of the associated items inside the CutterShare box until you need to use them, and put them back when you’re done. Items like bushings spacers, and wrenches can look very similar- it’s a good idea to measure if you’re not sure if it’s the same dimension as what came with your share.

What if my due date is on a holiday, when the courier location is closed?

We do our best to prevent this scenario from happening, but if it does, simply return the cutter on the next available day the courier location is open.

I need an order right away! Can you get it to me via express delivery?

We're sorry, but we can't offer rush deliveries on cutters.

What happens if I'm late with returning my share?

If you exceed the share period for a cutter, your account will be billed for an additional month of sharing- you're then free to use it as much as you'd like for the duration of the new month. If you exceed 3 months with your cutter(s), we'll be in contact- if we don't hear back from you, you’ve bought your order. You'll be charged the list price and take ownership of the contents of the share.

Being consistently late with your shares can affect your membership status- please try to keep your fellow members in mind, who are relying on you to return your share on time and in good condition.


Who owns content posted on The Hub?

We don't claim ownership of any text, photos, or video you post on The Hub. We will always get your permission before using anything you post.

Do you accept PayPal/Interac/other forms of payment?

Right now, we're only able to accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. All pricing is in US Dollars.