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Lock miter joints are one of the strongest and cleanest-looking options for your joinery. Our tool features tool an innovative design with radiused corners which eases the stress the joint takes during the clamping process, keeping your joint strong and tight. Now, cost is no longer a barrier to getting these nearly invisible lock mitered corners!

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CutterShare Lock Miter Tool

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  • Perfect for boxes around columns or furniture where an invisible joint is desired.
  • Joint featured slightly radiused edges to better handle the stress it takes during clamping.
  • Requires running one piece flat on the table, and one piece run vertically, with feeder positioned against fence.

Technical Information

Cutter Diameter: 160mm

RPM Range: 4800 - 8900

Material Thickness: 13mm - 34mm

Bore: 40mm (Bushings supplied for 1 ¼ " and 30mm spindles)


Share Also Contains

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2 Profile 55x35x2 mm


2 Bushing 40mm to 30mm
2 Bushing 40mm to 1-1/4"


1 Wrench 5 mm Hex

Tool Drawing

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