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This cutter machines out the entire hardware track for lift-and slide doors with a single pass. It's an essential tool for building this elegant and versatile style right.

If you've been interested in building lift-and-slide doors, now you can get the right tools for the job without a big commitment in tooling. Have some questions before getting started? Check out our video guide, and ask our community in The Hub.

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CutterShare Lift and Slide tool

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  • Lift & Slide Cutter - Setup & Demonstration
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  • Disassembled CutterShare Lift and Slide tool
  • Two-piece assembly including deep grooving element
  • Eases the edges of the sash for easy sliding against the exterior frame
  • Pair with our interior/exterior door set for everything needed to machine a lift-and-slide door sash

Technical Information

Cutter Diameter: 150mm

RPM Range: 3800-7200

Bore: 40mm (Bushings supplied for 1 ¼ " and 30mm spindles)


Share Also Contains

Insert Knives

2 Straight 21.4x12x1.5 mm
4 Triangular 22x19x2 mm
4 Groove 3 mm
2 Profile 30x35x2 mm Upper
2 Profile 30x35x2 mm Lower


1 Bushing 40mm to 30mm
1 Bushing 40mm to 1-1/4"
1 Top Ring 14 mm


1 Wrench 5 mm Hex
1 Wrench 4 mm Hex
1 Wrench 3 mm Hex
1 Wrench T20 Torx

Tool Drawing

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