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Get the most versatile and precise finger joints available without the commitment of buying! This tool cuts one of the deepest and strongest joints you can get on a shaper machine. It's adjustable for heights all the way up to 76mm, giving you serious flexibility. It's perfect for joining arched head rails or sash components, but the fingers are long enough that you can even use it to join pieces end-to-end that will be planed or profiled afterwards.

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CutterShare Finger Joint Cutter

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  • CutterShare Finger Joint Cutter with Spacers and Wood Sample
  • Easy to setup and run - no adjustments needed between cuts for fitting pieces.
  • References the faces flush - no slipping or creep while clamping.
  • Gives a single vertical line at the face of your material.

Technical Information

Cutter Diameter: 180mm

RPM Range: 3700 - 7200

Material Thickness: 14mm - 76mm

Bore: 40mm (Bushings supplied for 1 ¼ " and 30mm spindles)


Share Also Contains

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1 Sleeve 40mm to 30mm, 70mm H
1 Sleeve 40mm to 1-1/4", 70mm H


9 Spacer 6 mm


1 Wrench 5 mm Hex
1 Wrench 4 mm Hex

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