Deep Groove Glue Joint Cutter

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This cutter provides the best of both worlds- you get a tight glue joint, while keeping a single line at the face of the material for a clean look. Take your panel glue-ups to the next level with a tight joint that's far stronger than simple butt joining.

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CutterShare Deep Groove Glue Joint Tool

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  • Deep Groove Glue Joint Cutter with Wood Sample
  • No adjustments necessary for matching pieces.
  • Great for edge gluing staves into wider panels.
  • To center the glue joint on your piece, subtract half of the height of your material from 25. Raise or lower the cutter so the top of the cutter is that many mm above the top of your material.
  • In the case of a 30mm piece, the top of the cutter should be 10mm higher from the top of the material; 25 - (30/2) = 10

Technical Information

Cutter Diameter: 130mm

RPM Range: 5400 - 10300

Material Thickness: 25mm - 50mm

Bore: 40mm (Bushings supplied for 1-1/4" and 30mm spindles)


Share Also Contains

Insert Knives

3 Profile 50x25x2 mm


2 Bushings 40mm to 30mm
2 Bushings 40mm to 1-1/4"


1 5mm Hex

Tool Drawing

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