Adjustable Door Jamb Cutter

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Our jamb cutter transforms what was once 3 to 4 different passes through the shaper into a single cut. Cut a precision jamb with options for corner radiusing, edge chamfering, and gasket grooving with one pass through the shaper, adjustable to the exact specifications of your project.

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CutterShare Adjustable Door Jamb Cutter

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  • Option for adjustable radiusing of the outer jamb edge to provide a corner break for finishing longevity
  • Option for chamfering on the inner jamb edge from 26.5 to 46.5 mm
  • Option for 3mm gasket groove

Technical Information

Cutter Diameter: 216mm

RPM Range: 3500 - 6700

Bore: 40mm (Bushings supplied for 1 ¼ " and 30mm spindles)


Share Also Contains

Insert Knives

4 Straight 30x12x1.5 mm
2 Straight 74.4x13x2.2 mm
2 Radius 1.5 mm
2 Radius Knife 3 mm (No charge for use)
2 Chamfer 45°
2 Groove 3 mm


1 Bushing 40mm to 30mm
1 Bushing 40mm to 1-1/4"
1 Top Ring


1 Wrench 4 mm Hex
1 Wrench 3 mm Hex

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