About Us

Why CutterShare?

The CutterShare Cycle

Using a shaper means working with solid wood. Solid wood is rarely the cheapest way to complete a project - so why do we still choose to work with it?

It's because something made from solid wood looks better, feels better, and lasts longer than a disposable product made out of a wood byproduct. A well-made solid wood piece becomes a reliable object which can be used and enjoyed for a lifetime. Our cutters are the same way. Something cheaper might do the job, and last for a little while, but if a tool is not built to last, what it creates won't be, either. We can do better.

That's why we created CutterShare. We know thousands of wood shops across North America are forced to make hard decisions on cost versus quality. CutterShare enables you to get both: the best-quality tool for your job, for less than the price of buying a lesser cutter.

If you're like most woodworkers, the cost of tooling is the only limit on your creativity. Imagine what you could do with access to premium engineered shaper cutters which you could use as long as you needed, and send them back when you were finished. If you're running a professional shop, CutterShare is a powerful resource that can expand your bids and boost your margins. Want to expand your opportunities, and make beautiful doors without making a financial commitment to tooling? We've got you covered. Ever wish you could put invisible lock mitered corners on a piece to make it perfect, but couldn't justify the price? Now you can go that extra mile without worrying about what it'll cost.

When you're done with your tools, share your experience on The Hub, our knowledge-sharing communtiy space, to continue the cycle. When you tell your project story through words, photos, or video of what you built with your shared tool, you inspire our community and help the next project get made even better.

Sharing vs. Renting

You might be thinking, "Why do you guys call it sharing instead of renting?"

Renting doesn't capture the spirit of what we do- our experience goes beyond that. A rental is over as soon as the transation is completed, but a share is a continuous circle. Every time one of our members shares a cutter...

  • A better-quality woodwork piece is crafted, which can be used and enjoyed for longer than something made using average quality tools.
  • A portion of the resources and carbon emissions it would require to produce a new cutter are saved.
  • A CutterShare member saves money they would have to spend on a lesser-quality product.
  • The member sharing the tool builds new woodworking knowledge and experience, and passes it on to our community.

If you tallied up all the positive effects that each of our cutter creates every time it's shared for a whole year, it would add some powerful charge. That's why we call it sharing- because together, our users are creating a better way to work with wood.