About Our Tools

Our approach might be fresh, but our tools are proven performers. All our cutters are engineered by Rangate to meet the challenges of the most demanding projects in the wood industry. These tools have been used and loved by woodworkers at some of North America’s most well-respected joinery shops for years. Curious about how they’re different?

A Cut Above

Why our tools outperform any other shaper cutter.

CutterShare 3D Tool Render
  • World-Class Engineering – Uncompromising craftsmanship means your piece needs to be perfect. Simply put, ‘good enough’ is no longer good enough. Perfect 90° square corners. Shearing angles that reduce or eliminate fuzz and blowout. Adjustability to work at a whole range of thicknesses. That’s what our tools can do that nobody else’s can.
CutterShare Balanced Tool
  • Superior Balance – When the wood meets our cutter, you’ll hear that perfectly steady pitch- music to a woodworker’s ears. A balanced tool means a finish-quality cut in just one pass, saving you serious time and material waste.
On the Cutting Edge

All of our insert knives use our properietary NaDia diamond process for a new standard of longevity and performance.

CutterShare Nadia Insert Knife
  • We start with quality- all of our inserts are industry-leading solid carbide.
  • Our unique plasma-enhanced NaDia process increases the lifespan of our insert knives by 3 to 4 times beyond the lifespan of top-grade carbide.
  • The treated surface creates less friction as it cuts- resulting in a smoother cut and less wear on the edge.
  • The NaDia process was designed specifically to cut wood, unlike other diamond processes designed for metalworking. The treatment is applied cold, which means the carbide doesn't become brittle during the process.
Peak Performance

Before your share is shipped to you, we make sure it’s ready to perform up to its potential.

CutterShare Optical Comparator
  • Your tools will work like new, every time- we verify every dimension with an optical comparator after each share to make sure your tool is an exact match to the factory spec.
  • After a tool is returned, we clean each tool thoroughly between uses. No chip or sawdust from the last user will ever compromise your cut.
  • If a knife ever wears down or breaks during your share, we’ve got you covered. Each share contains a set of fresh spares, just in case.
Packed With Love

We take serious care in getting our tools to you.

CutterShare Box Round
  • Pick up one of our boxes, and move it around. Know what you’ll hear? Nothing at all. We’re perfectionists when it comes to packing your tools just right- after all, these tools are our babies.
  • An engineered tool deserves an engineered box- we ship in a double-reinforced box that will get your order to you safely, with clear, custom-fit positions for all accessory items.
  • All of the packing materials are reusable, so when it’s time to return your tool, just wrap it up how it came, and you’re good to go.