What is CutterShare?

CutterShare enables you to use the best quality shaper cutters available, and send them back when the job is done. It's our mission to empower every woodworker across North America to never have to compromise on the quality of their cut ever again.



Why Share?

  • Get access to the best engineered, most advanced cutters you'll find anywhere.
  • Expands the possibilities for your shop- now building a new product line doesn't come with a heavy investment in new tools.
  • Replaces the inefficiency of buying- no more idle cutters, paid for but collecting dust.
  • Make connections and join a community of woodworkers making incredible things across North America.
  • Love a cutter that becomes a new essential? Own it permanently through our buy option.

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work? - Join

Become a member to get started! Membership is only $1.00 per year, and enables you to share tools, buy discounted cutters, and participate in The Hub, our knowledge-sharing community.

How Does it Work? - Share

Choose the tools you need, and for how long- within 5 business days, you’ll have the best shaper cutter for your job delivered to your shop, for less than the cost of buying something of lesser quality.

How Does it Work? - Grow

After placing your order, check out The Hub, our community knowledge sharing community, to get a head start with advice and tips that’ll help you get the most out of your share. When you’re finished, share stories, pictures, or videos of what you’ve learned to continue the cycle!

What are Members Making?

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